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In our relentless pursuit of pioneering sustainable pathways in functional electronics, we recognize the immense value of knowledge dissemination and collaborative learning. This is where the SusFE Webinar Series plays a pivotal role.

Our webinars serve as a bridge between groundbreaking research, industry best practices, and you.

SusFE Project Webinar – Electronics & Sustainability

This is an invaluable opportunity to hear directly from industry leaders and pioneers. They bring to the table their rich experiences, case studies, and best practices to ensure you stay ahead in the sustainable electronics domain.

Introduction to Safe and Sustainable by Design framework & the EU legislative context for sustainable electronics. Dive into an insightful webinar where leading experts unveil the nuances of sustainable electronics within the EU legislative context.


Dr. Yves Bayon

Chief Scientist at Medtronic Sofradim Production. Trévoux, France.

Dr. Maria Smolander

Research Team Leader, Project Manager for Flexible sensors and devices at VTT. Espoo, Finland.

Dr. Alexandrs Sergejevs

Electronics Manager at BeFC. Villard-Bonnot, France.

Wearable sensors for healthcare monitoring


Mohammad Hossein Behfar (VTT, Finland).

Wearable Systems Solutions – Ideation to Scalable Manufacture

Matija Strbac (Tecnalia Serbia, Serbia).

Screen-printed multiarray and multi-modal sensors for electrophysiological and electrochemical sensing

Jamila Boudaden (EMFT Fraunhofer, Germany).

Floating gate Chem-FET pH sensor

Date & Time:

January 17th
13:00 PM(CEST)

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